February 25-28, 2019

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

DVCon U.S. Best Paper & Posters

All Access, Conference Only and One-Day only registrants are entitled to vote for the “DVCon Best Paper and Poster” awards. The attendees are the judges! Place your votes on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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2018 Recipients

Best Paper - 1st Place

7.3 My Testbench Used to Break! Now it Bends: Adapting to Changing Design Configurations Jeffery Vance, Jeffrey Montesano, Kevin Vasconcellos, Kevin Johnston - Verilab, Inc.Download

Best Paper - 2nd Place

12.3 Error Injection in a Subsystem Level Constrained Random UVM Testbench Jeremy Ridgeway, Hoe Nguyen - Broadcom LimitedDownload

Best Paper - 3rd Place

6.1 Deep Predictive Coverage Collection Rajarshi Roy, Chinmay Duvedi, Saad Godil, Mark Williams - NVIDIA Corp.Download

Best Poster - 1st Place

4.18 Is Specman Still Relevant? Using UVM-ML to Take Advantage of Multiple Verification Languages Timothy Pertuit, Doug Gibson, David Lacey - Hewlett Packard EnterpriseDownload

Best Poster - 2nd Place

4.16 Fast Track Formal Verification Signoff Mandar Munishwar - Qualcomm, Inc., Sandeep Jana - Synopsys (India) Pvt. Ltd., Xiaolin Chen, Arunava Saha - Synopsys, Inc.Download

Best Poster - 3rd Place

4.26 Tired of Slow Gate Level Design Verification? Use these Efficient Modelling Styles and Methodology Gabriel Chidolue, Rohit Jain, Shobana Sudhakar - Mentor, A Siemens BusinessDownload

2017 Recipients

Best Paper

7.2 Optimizing Random Test Constraints Using Machine Learning Algorithms Stan Sokorac - ARM, Inc.Download

Best Poster

4P.18 A New Approach for Generating View Generators Johannes Schreiner - Infineon TechnologiesDownload

Paper Honorable Mentions

7.1 Improving Constrained Random Testing by Achieving Simulation Verification Goals through Objective Functions, Rewinding and Dynamic Seed Manipulation Eldon Nelson - Intel Corp.Download
10.1 Machine Learning based PVT Space Coverage and Worst Case Exploration In Analog and Mixed-Signal Design Verification Honghuang Lin - Texas Instruments, Inc.Download

Poster Honorable Mentions

4P.17 Automatic Debug Down to the Line of Code Daniel Hansson - Verifyter ABDownload
4P.6 End to End Formal Verification Strategies for IP Verification Jacob Maas - Microsoft Corp.Download

2016 Recipients

Best Paper

8.2 Design Patterns by Example for SystemVerilog Verification Environments Enabled by SystemsVerilog 1800-2012 Eldon G. Nelson - Intel Corp.Download

Best Poster

4P.32 Marrying Simulation and Formal Made Easier! Lun Li, Durga Rangarajan, Christopher Starr, James Green - Samsung Austin R&D Center; Nitin Mhaske - Synopsys, Inc.

Paper Honorable Mentions

5.1 SystemVerilog Interface Classes - More Useful Than You Thought Stan Sokorac - ARM, Inc.Download
9.3 Functional Coverage Collection for Analog Circuits - Enabling Seamless Collaboration Between Design and Verification Zhipeng Ye, Honghuang Lin, Asad Khan - Texas Insturments, Inc.Download

Poster Honorable Mentions

4P.22 Improving the UVM Register Model: Adding Product Feature Based API for Easier Test Programming Krishnan Balakrishnan, Courtney Fricano, Kaushal M. Modi - Analog Devices, Inc.Download
4P.14 How Do You Verify Your Verification Components Neil Johnson - XtremeEDA Corp.; Joshua W. Rensch - Superion TechnologyDownload