March 2-5, 2020

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Committee Members on Why You Should Attend DVCon 2015

Shankar Hemmady
"I have attended over half the DVCons so far. Each time, I learned a few new things that I have never heard of elsewhere – a methodology update, a new technology.  But even more interesting and relevant to me long term have been the people I met.  Some people I had only heard of elsewhere.  Some who came from distant places.  And these relationships have enriched my career in many ways over time.

So join us at DVCon this year, and find out who else you may meet!"

Vanessa Cooper
"Attending DVCon not only allows you to socialize with fellow engineers across a myriad of companies, it also affords you the immeasurable opportunity to learn about the latest in verification methodologies and techniques from peers and industry leaders." 

Yatin Trivedi
"DVCon is a combination of engineers learning from peer professionals, getting exposure to new and innovative products, and exchanging ideas for creative solutions to improve productivity and deal with emerging challenges in design and verification of next generation SoCs – a true, multi-dimensional learning experience. Every year, I walk away with a handful of new techniques, information about new tools, and most important of all, a new set of friends who share the same challenges as I do."

Tom Fitzpatrick
“DVCon is the premier conference to find out what your competitors and colleagues are up to in verification. As Tutorials Chair, I encourage you to attend to get an in-depth look at the latest tools and techniques available to solve your verification challenges.”

Ambar Sarkar
“'Don’t fix it if ain’t broken' makes a lot of sense if one knows how to recognize whether something is broken or not. Unfortunately, the daily grind of our priorities and schedules often prevent us from stepping back and recognizing those broken areas. DVCon offers the practicing engineer a perspective that’s broad and real, offered by peers addressing similar design and verification challenges. Come share and learn from the experts such as yourself in the industry, and spot the cracks before things break! Maybe even leap ahead of your peers! And enjoy the camaraderie!"

Stan Krolikoski 
"DVCon provides a Design/Verification engineer with unique opportunities to both survey the current state of D&V technology, and to see what is coming next in the D&V world.  These opportunities come in multiple forms:

•             In depth papers and poster sessions in which experts do a deep dive into a particular topic
•             Tutorials in which a topic area is broadly covered
•             Panel discussions in which a group of experts discuss a focused topic
•             Intimate exhibitor exhibitions in which the latest tools and methodology are demonstrated
•             Side discussions with fellow engineers in which valuable information is often exchanged.
In short, DVCon provides the D&V engineer a forum in which to learn about the Design and Verification technology that is driving his/her professional world today, and to see what technologies are coming up fast just around the corner."
Adam Sherer
"Unlike traditional industry tradeshows, DVCon is first and foremost a technical conference. That distinction is clear in the peer-reviewed papers and posters that are the heart of the event and is reflected in the tutorials and panels.  Whether you want to bring home the new technology to make your team more efficient or contribute to the future of design and verification, DVCon is where you want to be."

Joanne Degroat
"Design verification is a fast moving field, constantly evolving.  DVCon keeps you up on the trends and new developments. Your verification concerns have been encountered before.  Come and hear solutions."

Stu Sutherland, Sutherland HDL, Inc.
“I attend DVCon for three reasons, all of which very are important to my work. First, the papers presented at DVCon are more technical and useful than those at any other engineering conference I attend. Second, the vendor exhibits are much more focused on IC design modeling and verification – I don’t need to wade through exhibits on transformers or other topics to find what is new specific to design and verification. Third, DVCon provides ample opportunities to chat – face- to-face – with lots of other engineers and learn from their experiences.  My “take-away” knowledge from DVCon far exceeds what I learn at any other engineering conference.”

Harry Foster, Chief Scientist Verification, Mentor Graphics
“When it comes to functional verification, there is no better industry-focused conference in the world than DVCon. It’s the best place to learn verification best practices and the latest industry standards, all while networking with some of the industry’s leading functional verification thought leaders.”