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THURSDAY March 06, 2:00pm - 5:30pm | Donner Ballroom

Revolutionary Debug Techniques to Improve Verification Productivity

Nadav Chazan - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Corey Goss - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Kishore Karnane - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Kishore Karnane - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Still debugging using older conventional methods such as printf? Class-based software-oriented environments are best debugged using interactive debug techniques. Traditional post-process debug techniques can be valuable; however, many limitations, like lack of interactive source-level stepping, make debugging difficult.

Cadence has integrated the best of both worlds: post-process and interactive debug capabilities in a novel multi-language, “interactive” post-process debug solution that can help you fix bugs in minutes instead of hours or days. So, what’s this “interactive” post process debug stuff anyways? It is a combination of interactive and post process debug integrated into a single debug environment. In other words, the designer and/or the verification engineer needs to run their simulation only once after the bug has been detected.

The secondary run records all needed debug data needed for the user to isolate the bug. No need to run multiple sets of simulations to find the bug… A significant savings in debug time!

This tutorial will explain some simple techniques that the user can implement up front in their code that will allow for improved debug later in their project. We will also demonstrate how you can quickly step forward or backward through your source code in a post process debug environment, or click on any line or variable directly to get to the point in time when the line executed or variable changed. And we will also show you how you can seamlessly navigate from HDL to HVL code when exploring the root cause of issues.

The tutorial session will also cover topics including:
  • UVM debug
  • Low-power debug
  • RTL debug
  • X-propagation support
  • Performance improvements (tips and tricks)
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