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THURSDAY March 01, 8:30am - 12:00pm | Donner

SoC Verification Speed – More is Better

Sharon Rosenberg - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
John Rose - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
William Winkeler - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Frank Schirrmeister - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Fernanda Braga - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Adam Sherer - Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
The title is cliché unless you are already neck-deep in SoC verification. Sure, the casual observer knows that making any verification engine faster will speed-up verification closure. That is a foundation statement that can’t be taken for granted because achieving it requires advanced engineering. But SoCs are more complex than the lines of RTL that describe them. They mix new and reused designs. The have untimed models above RTL. They have analog, power, software, and safety IP. They have directed, randomized, software driven, and real-world test. More speed in a given engine is better, but more fast engines and more unified engines is better as well. For this tutorial, we’ll add another more – more depth – to dig into how these engines can be used to enhance SoC verification speed. Starting with formal, we’ll examine how to apply new formal engines and apps to speed IP verification and key SoC verification tasks. In simulation, we’ll walk through examples of how maximize individual test and farm performance for high-volume tests and then how to do the same for long-latency tests in pure digital and low-power/mixed-signal designs. We will then create the high-performance test bridge from software to hardware engines verification by applying production-proven portable stimulus. We’ll then continue the verification with acceleration, emulation, and FPGA prototyping solutions that maximize both bring-up and runtime performance. Speed, speed, and more speed. In fact, all of this speed can be summarized as “Mores” Law for verification. Not the Moore’s Law for design which describes geometrically growing design task, but a new one that addresses the exponentially growing task of verification. This law demands that you have a broad knowledge of the engines and methods needed to squeeze more verification speed into your project. When you attend this tutorial, you’ll get more practical knowledge from technology experts that you can immediately apply. More is better.

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