March 2-5, 2020

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

MP Associates, Inc.

WEDNESDAY February 27, 8:30am - 9:30am | Oak/Fir
Verification and Compliance in the era of open ISA – Is the Industry ready to Address the Coming Tsunami of Innovation?
Kevin Krewell - TIRIAS Research
Larry Lapides - Imperas Software Ltd.
For most instruction set architectures (ISAs), compliance to the ISA specification is a given. Since all the SoC designers license the RTL from a single source, of course the RTL complies with the ISA specification. Also, the IP vendor is going to support its own ecosystem, and ensure that those ecosystem partners are in compliance with the ISA spec. With the new, open standard RISC-V ISA, the compliance situation is different. There is no single IP vendor, no single source, so compliance is an issue that needs to be addressed by the RISC-V community. Complicating the issue is that one of the key advantages of the new RISC-V ISA is that SoC designers are able to add custom features to the ISA to support their specific applications. This push-pull relationship between compliance and customization creates an interesting dynamic: strict adherence to the specification and RISC-V becomes 8051-like with multiple vendors but no differentiation; too much customization translates to fragmentation, resulting in inefficiencies that inhibit the development of a commercial ecosystem. This panel seeks to explore this relationship, and better define the requirements for customization from the perspectives of the processor IP and SoC developer, while elaborating on the restrictions to customization from the IP and tools ecosystem perspectives.

Emerson Hsiao - Andes Technology Corp.
Adnan Hamid - Breker Verification Systems, Inc.
Raik Brinkmann - OneSpin Solutions GmbH
Simon Davidmann - Imperas Software Ltd.
Neil Hand - Mentor, A Siemens Business