March 2-5, 2020

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

DVCon U.S. 2017 Panel: Users Talk Back on Portable Stimulus

Adnan Hamid Breker Verification Systems, Inc.


Nanette Collins Nanette V. Collins Marketing and Public Relations



DVCon is a global event for verification engineers to exchange ideas, identify new solutions or clever ways to better utilize existing tools in the design flow and, sometimes, commiserate. One of the more exciting areas in verification is Portable Stimulus, a standard means to specify verification intent and behaviors reusable across target platforms. It’s real, growing in adoption and promoted by Accellera’s Portable Stimulus Working Group (PSWG), an active group of users and EDA vendors. DVCon will be a showcase for PSWG’s efforts. Vendors will exhibit the latest Portable Stimulus software. A tutorial will summarize how portable stimulus is evolving technologically. Equally important is giving users a forum to share their perspectives on Portable Stimulus, many of whom are not represented on PSWG.

Topics include:

  • What do users expect?
  • What impact could Portable Stimulus have on chip design verification?
  • Is Portable Stimulus evolving in a way that will suit their needs?
  • How urgent is the finalization of a Portable Stimulus standard?


While the format will include a panel moderated by user advocate Adnan Hamid of Breker Verification Systems, audience participation will be encouraged. The audience should bring questions, concerns and gripes for a lively exchange of what is working in the verification space. Panelists will describe some of their biggest headaches related to tools, vendor support, standards efforts or budget. The goal is to provide constructive feedback to tool vendors, DVCon exhibitors and Accellera to ensure Portable Stimulus meets the needs of the verification community.


Asad Khan Cavium
Dave Brownell Analog Devices, Inc.
Mark Glasser NVIDIA Corporation
Wolfgang Roesner IBM Corp.
Sanjay Gupta Qualcomm, Inc.