March 2-5, 2020

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

DVCon U.S. 2018 Panel: Help! System Coverage is a Big Data Problem!

Brian Bailey Semiconductor Engineering



Maheen Hamid Breker Verification Systems, Inc.
Dave Kelf Breker Verification Systems, Inc.




While coverage is undergoing a renaissance, partly driven by new automotive systematic verification methodologies that demand a rigorous approach to measuring system coverage versus original specification, more attention to system coverage is needed. Coverage metrics help development groups understand the quality of their verification efforts and coverage holes represent risk of failure. At the system level, there are no standardized metrics and no way to exhaustively close coverage. The emergence of Portable Stimulus brings some structure to the problem, but opens up as many questions as it provides answers. For a typical design, the total number of paths through a graph is on the order of 2100 and that’s before all the possible concurrency issues are considered. System coverage has all of the hallmarks of being a big data problem. The good news is that system coverage is directly tied to intent and development groups soon will have better quality metrics than they did in the past. Moderator Brian Bailey and a panel of experts will explore various best practices in use by the industry. They will examine ways in which Portable Stimulus, formal verification methods, emulation and prototyping can be used to help provide the necessary confidence.


Vigyan Singhal Oski Technology, Inc.
Mark Glasser NVIDIA Corp.
Mike Bartley Test and Verification Solutions
Adnan Hamid Breker Verification Systems, Inc.
Ashish Darbari Axiomise Ltd.