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Finding Hidden Bugs In Deep Cycles – Advanced Debug Methodologies for Software-first System Validation

Synopsys Inc.
With the complexity of today’s software the length of workloads to validate hardware and software has increased to 100s of billions of cycles. As teams adopt a software-first validation strategy, modern emulation and prototyping platforms are needed to enable the highest performance as well highly efficient debug technology. In this two part tutorial (part 1: emulation, part 2: prototyping) we will use a multi-processor design case study to illustrate how emulation with ZeBu® EP1 emulation system and HAPS®-100 FPGA prototyping are ideal platforms to achieve software-first system validation. We will show how to rapidly identify design issues using emulation and run extremely long scenarios to find the deep cycle issues using prototyping. logo_synopsys

Youcef Qassid

Synopsys Inc.


Yousef Qassid Nov 2021 (1)

Andy Jolley

Synopsys Inc.

United Kingdom

Andy Jolley Nov 2021 (1)