Going Faster – How to Cope with Shrinking Schedules and Increasing Complexity

Factors conspire to put pressure on design verification schedules. Faster product release cycles, late feature requests, late delivery of feature implementation, incomplete architectures, and more numerous features. Our coping mechanisms are failing us, as a large number of devices are either delivered late compared to baseline schedule or risk is taken from incomplete testing. Is it the level of abstraction of our day to day work? Do we need new EDA tools? Do we just need to use what we’ve already got? Do we need more collaboration outside our own companies? Why is our approach very different from our software counterparts? Join us in a conversation about problems with our current approaches and what comes next for design verification.


Eric Decker, Mythic



Dan Romaine, AMD
Bryan Murdock, Cruise
Jason Sprott, Verilab
Mark Glasser, Cerebras