Why not “Connect” using UVM Connect: Mixed Language communication got easier with UVMC

With the increasing use of mixed language in today’s semiconductor and design industry, the question arises of how to effectively verify such complex designs. Thanks to the merger between Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) and Accellera, SystemC and UVM can be easily connected via TLM 1.0 and 2.0. This allows complex models in SystemC to help verify complex designs in SystemVerilog. UVM Connect was developed to make this process consistent and easy to debug. The Hybrid SC-SV model enables abstraction refinements at various levels, SystemC being a sweet spot for high-level modeling. Reusing the stimulus generation agents in SV to verify models in SC can be made possible. Also, a key feature to be noted is that when there is no single language restriction for VIPs, either SystemVerilog or SystemC versions may be used interchangeably. The strength of each language can be used to provide random verification for your model. And you can leverage the speed and capacity of SC for verifying untimed or loosely timed system-level environments.

Vishal Baskar, Siemens Industry Software Inc - Siemens EDA