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Congratulations on being accepted to present at DVCon U.S. 2017! This Submitter Center is designed to help you prepare for your draft paper submission responsibilities. DVCon U.S. 2017 requires regular session speakers and poster presentations to produce a paper for the proceedings.

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Jackie McIntoshConference Program Coordinator

Are you the speaker for your presentation? If so, click here for oral presentation or poster presentation details and deadlines.

Please note that as the submitter of the abstract, you are responsible for completing the confirmation form, and all draft paper requirements. Final papers and slides/poster and remaining duties are the responsibility of the speaker.

Draft Paper

Tuesday, November 8

  • Draft paper for review by the Technical Program Committee is due between October 18 and  November 8.
  • Draft paper guidelines

Accepted abstracts selected for presentation as a poster will produce a poster for their presentation at conference AND will produce a paper for inclusion in the DVCon 2017 Proceedings

Feedback On Draft Paper

Tuesday, November 8 - Sunday, November 20

  • The TPC member will communicate with Submitter on paper changes as needed
    • Feedback will be communicated through the Navigation Center.
    • You will receive an email each time a new comment is submitted.
    • Please make all suggested changes to the paper or communicate with the TPC member why you do not want to make the change.
    • This process consists of collaboration between the author and the TPC member in the given time period November 8th and November 20th to ensure the highest quality paper.

Changes Incorporated

Sunday, November 20 - Monday, December 5

All feedback is to be incorporated into the final paper. Submit the paper, with all finalized feedback, through your Navigation Center

Final TPC Paper Review

Sunday, November 20 - Monday, December 5

TPC members will review the final paper that will be submitted for the proceedings. This is the last opportunity to incorporate any feedback. The TPC member will send an email notification through the Navigation Center once they deem the paper as final.

Final Paper For Proceedings & Copyright Form

Deadline: Thursday, December 15

Final paper and copyright form is due Thursday, December 15.

This date is for reference only. The speaker is responsible for submitting the final paper and copyright form and all action items from here on out.

Are you an oral presenter? Click here for your next steps!

Are you an poster presenter? Click here for your next steps!