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Thank you for being a member of the DVCon U.S. 2018 Technical Program Committee! This TPC Member Resource Center is designed to help you through the review process for papers and slides.


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Jackie McIntosh Conference Program Coordinator

Bidding on Extended Abstracts

Bidding Opens on Monday, August 21

  • You will receive exact instructions on how to properly bid on abstracts.
  • Bidding will be completed through your Navigation Center.
  • The bidding scale below is how you will rate the abstracts.
    • Bidding Scale:
      • 4 - Very familiar, eager to review
      • 3 - Familiar, can capably review
      • 2 - Somewhat familiar, can review but prefer not to
      • 1 - Not familiar, please don’t assign to me
  • You must bid on all abstracts.

Bidding Closes on Friday, August 25

Abstract Review - Round 1

Review Site Opens for Extended Abstracts on Tuesday, September 5

  • You will receive exact instructions on how to review abstracts and your required reviews.
  • The TPC Chair will assign required abstracts to you for review.
    • Your required abstracts are denoted by a checkmark in the “Required” column on “Your Reviews” page.
    • Should you choose to do so, you may review more than what is required of you.
Review Site Closes for Extended Abstracts on Friday, October 6
  • You have until 5PM (MST) to complete your required reviews.

Accept/Reject Notifications will be sent on Wednesday, October 18

Accepted abstracts selected for presentation as a poster will produce a poster for their presentation at conference AND will produce a paper for inclusion in the DVCon 2018 Proceedings.

Draft Paper Review - Round 2

Draft Papers Review Site Opens on Thursday, November 2

  • You will receive exact instructions on how to review draft papers.
  • You will also receive an email notification each time a new draft paper has been uploaded or the submitter has made new comments.
  • All communication with other reviewers will be done through your Navigation Center.
  • You will be designated as a “Shepherd” or “Other Reviewer.”
    • Shepherd: You will be the only one who communicates changes to the submitter. You will compile all feedback to send to the submitter.
    • Other Reviewer: You will send all of your feedback to the Shepherd, not the submitter.
  • While reviewing draft papers, please keep the following guidelines in mind:


Feedback On Draft Paper

Feedback on Draft Papers Deadline is between Thursday, November 2- Thursday, November 16

You will communicate with Submitter on paper changes as needed.

  • Feedback will be communicated through the Navigation Center.
  • You will receive an email each time a new comment is submitted.
  • This process consists of collaboration between the author and the TPC member in the given time period to ensure the highest quality paper.

Second Draft Paper - Round 3

Review of the revised Draft Paper Deadline is between Thursday, November 16 to November 30

You must review the revised Draft Paper and provide final signoff on all revisions made. Confirm that this paper is ready for proceedings and conference


Slides Review and Feedback

If you are assigned as a Session Chair for DVCon US, you will be required to review the presentation slides.

Draft Slides is due by Tuesday, January 9

  • You will receive exact instructions on how to review slides.
  • All communication with the speaker will be done through your Navigation Center.
    • Session Chairs are responsible for reviewing slides for their sessions.

Feedback on slides is due by Tuesday, January 30

  • Communicates all slide feedback sent to the speaker.
  • Slide Presentation Template - Please keep in mind that the slides are only allowed to have the company logo on the first slide only.

Final slides are due on Tuesday, February 13