Speaker Resources and Guidelines

Important Dates

  • October 14th: Draft Paper Due 
  • October 28th: Final Paper 
  • November 18th: Final Accept/Reject Notification
  • November 23rd: Speaker Confirmation Forms  & Registration Deadline 
  • January 6th: Draft Slides/Poster Presentation Due
  • January 20th: Final Slides/Poster, Copyright Form, and Video Recording Due

Full Paper Guidelines

  • Use our templates to meet formatting requirements below. Your paper must comply with the following specifications:
  • Paper Length: Approximately 8 pages
  • Paper Size: US Letter (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Fonts: Embed ALL fonts in your PDF file. Avoid the use of Type 3 fonts.
  • File Format: Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Allowed File Size: 5.0MB
  • Do NOT page number your paper
  • Do NOT apply security settings to your PDF file.
  • Note: Deviations from the above paper specifications could impede the review of your paper and result in rejection.

Presentation Templates

Please use the following templates to prepare your presentation for DVCon U.S.

  • Templates are required for accepted authors (Lecture/Poster).
  • Templates are optional for accepted workshop/tutorial presentations.
    • If speakers use the DVCon U.S. template, please embed your corporate logo on each slide. 
    • If speakers use a corporate template, the DVCon U.S. logo must be embedded on each slide. 

Guidelines For Paper Presentations

  • DVCon U.S. template should be used for all presentations (see template link above)
  • Supported formats are .pdf, .ppt, .pptx or .mp4
  • Please do not change the footer text except for the page number.
  • Company/ or university name and/or logo may only appear on the title (first slide) page.
  • Offer your slides in the format of a pre-recorded presentation, including embedded voice-over and slide show timings.

Guidelines For Posters

  • DVCon U.S. template should be used for all posters (see template link above)
  • The recommended poster format is portrait A0 (84.1 cm wide x 118.9 cm height). Double-sided adhesive tape and/or pins will be available in the poster area to put the posters on the panels. Authors are required to print their own poster and are responsible for hanging up their poster before the start of the session and of removing them after the session end.
  • Please do not change the header and footer text.
  • Company/ or university name and/or logo may only appear at the bottom of the poster.
  • Offer your poster in the format of a pre-recorded presentation, including embedded voice-over.

Presentation Time Allotment

Accepted Paper (Lecture) 20-25 minutes (+5 min live Q&A)
Accepted Paper (Poster) Full Length of Session 
Accepted Tutorial 3 hour Session 
Accepted Workshop 1.5 hour Session

Pre-recorded Presentations

All authors at DVCon U.S. should deliver the slides as pre-recorded session.


Please contact the chair of your session (i.e. technical program chair, tutorial chair or poster chair) on the exact length of your recording and deadline for the submission.

How To Prepare a Great Presentation

Speaker Policy

All speakers are expected to present in person.

If the presenter can’t present in person, the speaker is responsible for finding an alternative speaker that can present in person (should be a co-author).

  • If no co-authors can present in person and thus an alternative speaker can not be found, then it is up to the committee to determine if the presentation will remain in the program.

Pre-recorded videos will NOT be played onsite. The pre-recorded videos are for quality assurance purposes, for the Accellera archives, and/or in the case that DVCon U.S. moves virtual.

  • Pre-recorded videos are required for all authors.
  • Pre-recorded videos are optional for tutorial, workshop, and panel speakers.