Stuart Sutherland Best Paper & Best Poster Award Recipients

Thank you for participating in the technical paper and poster sessions.

Attendee votes have determined our Best Paper and Best Poster Award recipients.

Stuart Sutherland Best Poster Award

1st Place

  • Paper Title: Novel GUI Based UVM Test Bench Template Builder
    • Authors: Vignesh Manoharan, Aeva

2nd Place

  • Paper Title: Why not “Connect” using UVM Connect: Mixed Language-communication got easier with UVMC
    • Authors:Vishal Baskar, Siemens Industry Software Inc – Siemens EDA

3rd Place

  • Paper Title: A Low Maintenance Infrastructure to Jumpstart CPU Regression and Performance Correlation
    • Authors: Thomas Soong, Intel; Chenhui Huang, Intel; Christopher Browne, Intel

Stuart Sutherland Best Paper Award

1st Place

  • Paper Title: Systematic Constraint Relaxation (SCR): Hunting for over-constrained Stimulus
    • Authors: Debarshi Chatterjee, Nvidia Corporation; Spandan Kachhadiya, Nvidia Corporation; Ismet Bayraktaroglu, Nvidia Corporation; Siddhanth Dhodhi, Nvidia Corporation

2nd Place

  • Paper Title: Fnob: Command Line-Dynamic Random Generator
    • Authors: Haoxiang Hu, Facebook, Inc.; Tuo Wang, Facebook, Inc.

3rd Place

  • Paper Title: What Does the Sequence Say? Powering Productivity with Polymorphism
    • Authors: Rich Edelman, Siemens EDA

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