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Committee Members Quotes! They Answer Why You Should Attend DVCon

DVCon continues to be the premier conference for design and verification engineers of all experience levels. Compared to larger and more general conferences, DVCon affords attendees a concentrated menu of technical sessions—tutorials, papers, poster sessions and panels—focused on design and verification hot topics. In addition to participation in high quality technical sessions, DVCon attendees have the opportunity to take part in the many informal, but often intense, technical discussions that pop-up around the conference venue among 800+ design and verification engineers and engineering managers. This networking opportunity among peers is possibly the greatest benefit to DVCon attendees. Finally, DVCon attendees have access to the vendors of advanced design and verification tools, IP/VIP and services who exhibit at the conference.

For DVCon 2015, we have sought to explicitly expand the conference’s focus from simply being on “Design and Verification” to a more specific focus on hot topic areas that are critical to our conference’s attendees, such as:

  • System Level Design
  • SoC Verification & Validation
  • IP Reuse and Design Automation
  • Mixed-Signal Design and Verification  
  • Lower Power Design and Verification


Attendees will find each of these areas addressed in the conference’s sessions with an emphasis on real world solutions to engineers’ real world problems. Indeed, this focus on the users of Accellera standard EDA languages, tools and methodologies continues to be a DVCon hallmark. DVCon 2015 attendees can expect to learn about both practical solutions to their pressing problems, and also receive a preview of the technologies that will affect them in the near future.  

In short, design and verification engineers attending DVCon will gain practical insights that directly affect their jobs. Such insights will be found not only in the technical papers, tutorials, posters and panels that make up the formal body of the conference, but also by taking part in informal discussions with the many experts in attendance and through discussion with the advanced vendors that exhibit at DVCon.

For vendors of design and verification tools, IP/VIP and services, the choice to exhibit at DVCon 2015 is an easy one. Put simply, DVCon attendees are among the best and brightest in the design and verification world. They understand that the products that are exhibited at this conference can potentially help them do their jobs better, and so they are ready to get in depth demos of those products. This is in contrast with larger conferences, where products that specifically address design and verification issues can get lost among presentations of entire design flows among a general atmosphere of glitz and glamour. The DVCon exhibit hall is kept deliberately “cozy” to facilitate one-on-one discussions between vendors and the expert users that attend the conference. Thus, exhibiting at DVCon is an excellent way to make an extended contact with expert design and verification engineers-- the very engineers and engineering managers that often help direct purchasing decisions in their organizations.

I sincerely hope to see you at DVCon 2015!

Yatin Trivedi
General Chair, DVCon 2015