DVCon U.S. 2018

Best Paper & Poster Winners


First Place:
7.3 My Testbench Used to Break! Now it Bends: Adapting to Changing Design Configurations

Speaker: Jeffery Vance - Verilab, Inc.

Jeffrey Montesano - Verilab, Inc.
Kevin Vasconcellos - Verilab, Inc.
Kevin Johnston - Verilab, Inc.


Second Place:
12.3 Error Injection in a Subsystem Level Constrained Random UVM Testbench

Speaker: Jeremy Ridgeway - Broadcom Limited

Hoe Nguyen - Broadcom Limited


Third Place:
6.1 Deep Predictive Coverage Collection

Speaker: Rajarshi Roy - NVIDIA Corp.

Chinmay Duvedi - NVIDIA Corp.
Saad Godil - NVIDIA Corp.
Mark Williams - NVIDIA Corp.



First Place:
4.18 Is Specman Still Relevant? Using UVM-ML to Take Advantage of Multiple Verification Languages

Speaker: Timothy Pertuit - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Doug Gibson - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
David Lacey - Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Second Place:
4.16 Fast Track Formal Verification Signoff

Speaker: Mandar Munishwar - Qualcomm, Inc.

Sandeep Jana - Synopsys (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Xiaolin Chen - Synopsys, Inc.
Arunava Saha - Synopsys, Inc.


Third Place:
4.26 Tired of Slow Gate Level Design Verification? Use these Efficient Modelling Styles and Methodology

Speaker: Gabriel Chidolue - Mentor, A Siemens Business
Speaker: Rohit Jain - Mentor, A Siemens Business

Shobana Sudhakar - Mentor, A Siemens Business


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