March 2-5, 2020

DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose, CA

Industry Leaders Panel: SystemC - Forever a Niche Player Or Rising Star of Chip Design?

Industry Leaders Panel: SystemC - Forever a Niche Player Or Rising Star of Chip Design?


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Although SystemC, as well as C, C++ and OpenCL, has seen success for niche opportunities at a number of semiconductor companies, its adoption as the language of choice for entire designs remains rare. C derivative languages appear to have advantages in such applications as DSP algorithm development, transaction-level design, and virtual platform models. Some FPGA vendors have realized C-based design flows for a number of their devices. Some ASIC tool vendors support C based design flows as well.

Yet, barriers to adoption remain for the generalized usage of these languages. Is it immature verification methodologies, fundamental flaws in the language specification, or simply the inertia of the standard HDLs that holds back SystemC? SystemC may be good for describing a block at an abstract level, but it is good for IP assembly? Most IP exists at RTL, so a high level language has to be able to fully incorporate that if it wants to plat at the top. Should Accellera be urged to do more to encourage SystemC adoption? Is the industry overlooking the perfect application for SystemC?

Let's check with technology leaders driving the state-of-the-art in SystemC Verification, Synthesizable Intellectual Property, FPGA Design Flows and Virtual Platforms. They will attempt to determine if there is a consensus on adoption requirements, or a disagreement on flow deficiencies.



Michael McNamara - Adapt-IP
Bill Neifert - Carbon Design Systems, Inc.
Raik Brinkman - OneSpin Solutions GmbH
Victoria Mitchell - Altera Corp.